Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Horikita Maki New Gallery

. Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here`s the Interview with maki-chan at as a "women of the year 2007" :

Q : As for the instant where you are happiest in 2007?

A : It`s My Birthday. On site and it had us celebrating, from everyone the mail of blessing reached and was delightful truly is.

Q : most as for the book which is impressed, or the movie which is impressed in 2007?
A : movie ' life is..

Q : you most as for occurrence 2007 was moved heart?
A : TV, it can pick up the news of the foreign country which begins Myanmar, when doing the present condition of the countries where the mechanism is different from Japan completely practically.

Q : 2007, meeting, most as for the person who is deeply impressed?
A : exile.

Q : Do you for loving, throw away what?
A : For love you must throw away what, those, is not kana....... There are no any which you throw away is.

Q : After the 5 year, we would like to do what somewhere, is?
A : We would like to work on site differing from now.

Q : now, please teach the most desired one.
A : Because those where the photograph is taken are hobby, the camera.

Q : For you as for the woman image of ideal?
A : strong person.

Q : Are you most as for the man who is observed who in 2007?
A : ─.

Q : When you become Japanese prime minister, first first what is done?
A : The salary of member of the Diet is taken a second look

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