Saturday, January 31, 2009

Horikita Maki new Dorama!! that will inspired many people "CHANCE! Kanojo ga Seikou Shita Riyuu"

. Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maki-chan will star in a two-part drama special on Fuji TV titled "Chance! Kanojo ga Seikou Shita Riyuu," (Chance! ~The reason for her success~ on english translation) described as a comical success story. The show will also feature Hitori Gekidan and Meisa Kuroki. This dorama make Horikita Maki motivating her generation.

Maki plays a 22-year-old who struggles to find a job, finally landing one at a travel company. Kuroki plays a career woman at the same firm who happens to have the same last name. One day, they mistakenly take each other's cell phones, and as a result, Horikita's character ends up having to give a critical presentation. This becomes her "chance" at success.

The key element in this story is the "mobile phone". The new employee (Horikita) and the career woman (Kuroki Meisa) accidentally mix their mobile phones. They both share the same family "Tamaki" and so there is a bizarre development where the new employee has to do the presentation that puts the company's fortunes on the line instead of the career woman.

Horikita Maki enthusiastically speaks about her role. "It's a girl who is doing her best each and every day while being anxious about how things will turn out and not seeing her own true capability. I hope that those people of the same generation as her who are going to start a new life in spring will sympathize with her."

Gekidanhitori is playing a tour guide who is having a big influence on the main character with his charisma. "I'm really happy, it's been a long time since I've been playing a comical role," he explains. In the special he's even going cosplay as 'Tora-san', the leading character from the movie series 'Otoko wa Tsurai yo'. Meisa on the other hand gained a lot of respect for career women such as the role she's playing. "I'm really admiring all women who are working hard while holding their mobile phones between their face and shoulder. However, no matter what person you are, you always have weak points and sad feelings. I'd like to portray her as a woman with human warmth."

It seems like it is going to be dorama that many people will be able to empathize with, especially the new working adults.

Fuji TV will broadcast the drama at 11:10pm on March 7 and March 14.
I can`t wait to watch this dorama ^^


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