Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GIRLS LOCKS! "Letters from Listeners"

. Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In charge for the 2nd week every month and attending after 1 month of absence, Horikita Maki~

Today, "March 9th" is finally the day of Remioromen's live broadcast again! I guess you all know this anyway, but Horikita Maki appeared in the PV of their famous song "March 9th". (Note: 1 Liter of Tears) She was still a junior high school student when they filmed it. "How nostalgic~ Lot's of memories come up when hearing that song," she said.

There's a scene where her older sister in that PV has a wedding reception banquet and they really went through the whole ceremony from the beginning to the end without skipping anything. In another scene the older sister reads out a letter and you can't tell by watching the PV, but she really read out loud that very touching letter during that scene! The final PV isn't longer than a couple of minutes, but the actual filming took quite a while... you definitely should check it out.

Remioromen's "March 9th" is one of the standard songs for the graduation season... I think that a lot of our SOL students who faced their graduation this year also listened to that song. There should also be a lot of students who begin their new lives as of this spring, right?

This is a mail from one of those.

From Orange-kun (male, 17, Chiba)
Hello Horikita Maki-chan.
I'll be an university students as from April.
And I'm going to live alone!
I'm looking forward to live alone, but it's a completely new thing for me and I'm also a bit anxious about it.
You moved into the dorm of your agency, right?
How was it for you back then?
It would be great, if you could give me some advice!

I see, you are anxious about living alone. I lived in the dorm and so there were the other girls from the agency and the people from the staff. It never got lonely and yet I still often went back to my parent's home (laughs). However, all the things my mother always did for me... like cleaning, the laundry or cooking, I had to do them all by myself! Orange-kun! You'll make it! You might start to feel lonely sometime, but if you keep yourself busy with studying, a part-time job and hanging out with friends that feeling will definitely go away!!

That's right.
You can make a lot of friends and invite them to your home, start cooking, arrange everything the way you want.. There will definitely be a lot of "firsts" for you, but I think that it's also fun to live "all by yourself!" All of you who start living alone as of Spring, you can count on our support!!

[...] Skipping the next parts of the summary, as it's only about that literary award and has no interesting quotes from the show. [...]


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