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03/10 GIRLS LOCKS! "Books Club Book Sommelier"

. Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is a new corner since February where they select one person from the board who can then introduce one or more books to the listeners. If you still didn't notice or are new to Girls Locks!, Horikita Maki is the head of the books club. She's responsible for everything regarding literature.
Last time they talked a lot about the mystery genre and it really was a big success among the listeners.
That's why they are continuing this corner.. that's all of the introduction you need, I guess.


As response to your active writing in the board...
Let's call the "2nd Book Sommelier" !!!

"Hello!? I'm the head of School of Locks book club, Horikita Maki!"

"I'm 3rd-year junior high school student Red-Girl from Aichi!"

That's right, today's book sommelier is Red-Girl from Aichi.
What genre and books will she talk about with us today?

Maki: "Let's get straight to the point, what's your favorite genre?"

Red-Girl: " publications!"

"Oh! New publications!! So you often go to bookstores?"

Red-Girl: "No, I always check the corner for new books in our school library."

"I see~ About how fast are you reading the books?"

Red-Girl: "I read about 100 books per year."

"Woooow, amazing!!! You really like books, don't you! There are a lot of new books, how do you chose which one you are going to read next?"

Red-Girl: "First I look at the binding. If I like the mood of it, I read the first 2-3 pages. If it's interesting, I continue to read it right there."

"I see. Do you also check new books from olden days?"

Red-Girl: "Nope. As junior high school student I started to come to the library a lot of times and the fascination of the new publications just got me the most..."

"Oh, their fascination?"

Red-Girl: "Their clear binding..., the sparking and shining white paper, simply the fact that not many have read it yet! I could even be the first to read it! That's what is so fascinating to me."

"I know what you mean! By the way, what's your favorite writer?"

Red-Girl: "Ishida Ira, especially the "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" series!"

"Hey, I like his works, too! And what are you reading right now?"

Red-Girl: "The new book of Hyakuta Naoki. It got released around last October and is called "Box!" It's a story about a senior high school student who is boxing. The world of boxing is completely new to me, but I thought that it's an interesting sport."

Maki: "So it really shows you a new world. Then, what is it that you like about reading books?"

Red-Girl: "I guess it's exactly that I'm able to get to know those different worlds and that I'm able to spread out to those."

"That's right. Okay! We've talked a lot today and... I've made my decision! By today Red-Girl is our official book sommelier for new publications!!! From now on she'll introduce some of the books she picks up to read and introduces them to you in the board, so please check out her topic whenever you are unsure about a certain new book! Red-Girl, I'm looking forward to it!"

Red-Girl: "Me too, and thanks a lot!!"

And so we have our 2nd book sommelier!
By the way, Maki is also seems to be someone who likes to check out the new publications.
That conversation just now brought back some memories.

"When I go back to my school time, then I remember that I also always requested the new publications in the school library. It was a lot of fun to read them, because you were one of the first people who ever read it. The feeling of being the first is really great~"


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