Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Horikita in new CM with Odagiri and Mizushima

. Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Suntory announced their commercials for their new product, canned shochu with tonic water called "Horoyoi" that's going on sale on the 17th. Actress Horikita Maki (20) and the two actors Odagiri Joe (32) and Mizushima Hiro (24) will be in the commercials and attended the PR event. In the CM each of them is at their own home and chat with each other about various things while drinking "Horoyoi."

"Horoyoi" only has 3% alcohol, 4% less than your typical shochu with tonic water and also comes with a nice sweet and fruity taste. The target group for the new drink are youths around the age of 20. A 350 milliliter can costs 141 yen (USD 1.50). Suntory aims to sell more than 3 million of those drinks in 2009.

Last October Horikita turned 20 and now she has her first ever commercial for an alcoholic drink. "I often drink with my parents, too." She revealed on stage. "It just has the right amount of alcohol to give you a good feeling and it has a nice sweet taste. I can recommend it to all the girls who just started drinking like me." Recently young men also tend to prefer sweet liquor, as Mizushima seems to proof. "It's fun to drink with some company after work, but I also like to drink alone. I definitely won't miss to stock my refrigerator with Horoyoi."

Odagiri Joe is a regular drinker as well. "I drink every day and Horoyoi just seems to have the perfect amount of alcohol. I'd like to drink one right now."

The highlight of the commercials is that you can see their drinking faces.


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