Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GIRLS LOCKS! "Just my Idol"

. Wednesday, March 18, 2009

..just when opening the door to the girls class, it's playing the song "Just my Idol" by Juvenile Bouto.

Speaking of which, last summer this 4-piece band won the special jury award for their live performance at the SOL teenage rock festival "Senkou Riot"! On stage the singer expressed his feelings for Horikita Maki through a love letter before enthusiastically singing their (stalker-ish) love song for her on the stage~

Horikita Maki listened to the song many times already, of course....
She also listened to the live recording from Senkou Riot here at Girls Locks!....
And she even knows him in person, as he already normally lined up for an autograph session and normally received his autograph on her photo book! (lol)

It's amazing how many fans of Horikita throughout Japan followed his lead and made songs for her...

And now it's been decided, that...
Juvenile Bouto is going to release a mini album under the Senkou Record Label on the 25th!!!!!!

The title of the album is "First Kiss" and they absolutely wanted Horikita Maki to listen to it first!
They sent her a sample version of the mini album and there was a letter inside! Oh the suspense!!!

Let's read it.

Dear Miss Horikita Maki

I would first like to wish you great health and prosperity.
Good evening! It's been a long time!

I'm Kyunou Takayuki, the 19-years-old vocalist of Juvenile Bouto who came to Tokyo to go to a university
and was born in Hakodate, the birthplace of Neo-Visual Kei bands like Kitajima Saburou, GLAY and YUKI.
How are you doing?
I'm so happy that since recently I'm able to see the VIP corner of Sweet Power Mobile called "Sweet Room"!

Well, so our 1st album "First Kiss" will go on sale on March 25! Yaaay!!
On that occasion I intended to write you this letter.
It turned out pretty long, so please throw it away, if you become tired of reading it! (smile)
Ah, by the way, my phone number is 080-xxxx-xxxx. (smile)

First of all, I want to write something about the song "Just my Idol"!
I wrote this song while watching you in "Seito Shokun!" the year before last when I was in my 3rd year of senior high school. When I listen to the song, I always remember, how my teacher never noticed when I looked through your photo books during class. (I perfectly do my class work.) (smile)
That Horikita Maki herself is listening to this song makes me so happy that I could die right now. If this would have happened right after I composed it in senior high, I probably wouldn't have had a long life.
Please help me somehow, because recently I really can't differentiate anymore what's a dream and what's reality!!

So, the next thing is about last year's getsu9 dorama "Innocent Love" where you performed along with the leader of Yuzu, Kitagawa Yuujin.
I was really, really happy!!
You know, I'm a great admirer of Yuzu's music, their music is what made me start to learn to play the guitar! I've been their fan since I've been little and I went to see 10 or 20 concerts of them, so you can imagine how happy I've been!
Doesn't it make you happy when two of your favorite people appear together and become friends?
I've been soooooooooooooooo happy. (smile)
I think I've said "happy" too often.

I'm sorry that this letter is so long. (smile)
By the way, my phone number is 080-xxxx-xxxx. (smile)

Now let me use my last words for our upcoming album!
It's strange for me as the composer and singer to say this, but it really became an interesting album. You can listen to it as many times you want, because of all the scattered meanings. I'm sorry, but I can't really explain this well, just listen to it whenever you have some free time, please!!

Thanks for reading the letter until the end!
I'll watch "Chance! Kanojo ga seiko shita riyu"!!!!
And your new Tuesday dorama at 9pm, too!!!!
Good luck with your role as an homeless!!!!
I'll support your for the rest of my life!!!!

Ah, pardon. Please listen to the last song. (smile)
This is the song I want you to listen to the most from this album.
It's a powerful ballade.
Please listen to it and sorry that it's not as good as EXILE's "Michi".
The song is called "Utakata no Gogo".
I'm dedicating this song to you!!

From now on we'll do our best to someday be able to appear as guests in Horikita Maki's "GIRLS LOCKS!"
Whenever we are invited as guests, we have to sing EXILE's "Lovers Again" together, okay?!

PS: On March 10th and 17th we have a live performance in Shibuya LUSH.
Everyone who says, "I heard this on Girls Locks!", gets a discount on their tickets!!
Horikita Maki, you would get in for free, of course!!!!
I've put you on the guest list just in case. (smile)
Please try to come~
And reply to this letter, if that's okay with you.

Itabashiku xxxxxx xxxxxx-Apartment no. xxx Kyunou Takayuki

It came in a light blue envelope, ...on 4 sheets (lol) and even contained a couple of fully crossed out characters, and still, it's filled with pure love for Maki.

It's a surprising that he started to play the guitar because of his love for Yuzu and all, but.... did he have to write his phone number everywhere!!?
However, RADWIMPS visited the live broadcast class room today, so there was no time and she... wasn't able to call him again! (lol)

Anyway, it's a special day today and so I think we could play this one song he absolutely wanted her to listen to, it's called "Utakata no Gogo"!
(Isn't that great, Kyunou-kun!?)

The release of Juvenile Bouto's mini album is very soon and you all should definitely check it out!
If this CD sells well, then they definitely might be able to come to her girls class as guest someday.... (lol)

Kyunou-kun, thanks!
And good luck to everyone from Juvenile Bouto!!!


:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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